February 23-25: Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom, Kansas City
March 2: WHC-TV Fundraiser (8:00 PM)
March 4: CT Jewish Historical Society storytelling workshop (9:00-4:00)
March 6: Story Collider, Caveat
March 10: "Hunger" at Real Art Ways (7:30 PM)
March 11: Church service, Harvard, MA
March 17: Advanced storytelling workshop, CT Historical Society (9:30-4:30)
March 25: Voices of Hope showcase, Mark Twain House (3:00 PM)
March 29: Fugitive Stories, The Kickstand Cafe, Arlington MA (8:00 PM)
April 7: CCSU conference
April 11: Amity High School storytelling workshop
April 17: Author visit: Jonathan Trumbull Library, Lebanon CT
April 21: Author visit: Blackstone Public Library, Blackstone, MA
April 26: CT Jewish Historical Society showcase (6:00 PM)
May 11: "Close Calls" at Infinity Hall Hartford (8:00 PM)
June 9: Beginner's storytelling workshop, CT Historical Society (9:30-4:30)
June 9: "Conflict" at CT Historical Society (7:30 PM)
July 8-14: Storytelling workshop at Miss Porter's School
July 17: Storytelling performance, Miss Porter's School (7:00 PM)
July 30-August 3: Storytelling bootcamp, CT Historical Society (M, W, F only)
August 3: Storytelling bootcamp showcase, CT Historical Society (7:00 PM)
August 12-17: Storytelling bootcamp, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
October 12: Speak Up at Infinity Hall Hartford (8:00 PM)