Adult sized Underoos might be even better than a sexy Princess Leia costume.

A few years ago, I bought a sexy Princess Leia costume for my wife, Elysha. She hasn’t gotten around to wearing it, but I’m sure that she’s just waiting for the right moment.

Timing is everything. 

While I’m waiting for her to find that right moment, it’s come to my attention that Hot Topic is now selling adult-sized Underoos.

It’s about tome. Seems like it should’ve been a no brainer.

The best thing about these adult-sized Underoos is that underwear is something that people wear every day. No need to wait for that “just right” moment to don a pair of Wonder Woman panties.

If I buy her a large enough supply and really fill her underwear drawer, Elysha could probably be wearing Underoos every day.

Happily, the holiday season approaches.

As I said, timing is everything.

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