I have discovered what women look for in a man

I spent a portion of Saturday night in the company of Elysha and some of her lady friends. They were discussing what their single straight girlfriends should look for in men. 

I just sat and listened.

Men, based upon this conversation, here is what women want:

A responsible man with modest or better career prospects who possesses better than average intelligence and has "an edge." Also, you should not be living with your parents or other family members.

This last part struck me as fairly obvious, but perhaps not so much in today's world.

"An edge" appears to mean "not boring." You need to have personal interests outside your career and family. You must possess strong opinions or feelings on things that matter to you. You should bring the promise of new frontiers and new possibilities to the relationship.   

Things that apparently matter little to women:

  • Physical appearance
  • Prior marital status
  • Golf handicap
  • Trust funds
  • Arrest record
  • Wardrobe
  • Musical preferences
  • Familial safety nets
  • Performance in bed
  • The college or university that you attended
  • The car that you drive