19 Things I Heart: 2019

I’m an author whose next novel, which hits shelves on October 15, is written entirely in lists. List after list after list which tells the story of a man and his struggle for friendship, love, dignity, self-worth, and financial security.

I like lists.

Back in March of 2015, I wrote a list of 19 things I loved at the time. I just reviewed that list to see how much had changed over the span of four years.

I chose four years because it’s the length of time that the average person spends in high school and/or college. The differences from freshman to senior year can often be profound, so that four year timeframe felt right to me.

It’s important to note that the time of year clearly plays a role in the making of this list. If it was autumn, for example, you would see Patriots games, the Coventry farmer’s market, and golf on the list.

Had I written the list a month ago, Crashing, a now-cancelled television show, would’ve made the list.

Like my last list, I’ve set a reminder on my Google calendar to return to this list on March 21, 2023 to see how my tastes have changed. Maybe you could do the same? I highly recommend it.

  1. Netflix on the treadmill

  2. Egg McMuffins

  3. Seth Meyer’s “A Closer Look”

  4. Watching my son dance

  5. Moth StorySLAMs

  6. My wife in a tee-shirt and underwear

  7. Doing stand-up

  8. Heavyweight, Hit Parade, and Reply All (podcasts)

  9. The Corner Pug

  10. Playing Sorry with my family

  11. Every other Friday when the cleaning lady comes to our home

  12. The cats sleeping alongside me and on top of me at night

  13. Listening to Elysha emcee a Speak Up show

  14. Bob Newhart

  15. Queen, Springsteen, and Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason”

  16. Walt Hickey’s daily Numlock News newsletter

  17. Tweeting at Donald Trump

  18. A&W Diet Root Beer

  19. Listening to my daughter read to my son