Little things made big

It's been a big summer for my son, Charlie. Lots of new learning and remarkable accomplishments. In addition to reading books for the first time and making enormous progress with his swimming and biking, he had a few interesting milestones as well. 

First, he learned to cross his eyes. 

Next, and perhaps even more impressive, he learned to skip stones on the water. 

But my favorite accomplishment of the summer, and perhaps his favorite, was his recent decision to count to 1,000. He began the journey in the car on the way home from an ice cream adventure, thinking he might count to 366.

"I'm counting to a leap year," he said. But as he closed in on his goal, he set a new one.

"I changed my mind. I'm counting to 1,000!"

Eventually he had to stop to go to sleep, so he noted where he left off on a sheet of paper and then resumed the counting the next morning. 

Yes, it was a little annoying to listen to him constantly count, but the results - the happiness, the pride, the sense of accomplishment - were well worth it. 

Quite the summer for our little guy.