My daughter's position on makeup makes a hell of a lot of sense

My daughter was describing her dance recital outfit to me. It sounds beautiful.

Then she said, "But Daddy, the boys don't have to wear makeup, but the girls do, and that's silly, because we all have the same skin. I don't want to wear makeup. I want me face to be normal. I don't want to look silly. I just want to look like me."

Clara drops the mic. 

Not really. Then she asked if she could watch an episode of Zack and Quack, but damn, if my girl isn't making a lot of sense. 

I can only hope that she maintains this sensible, reasonable, rational position as she gets older.

My daughter does not require makeup to look beautiful or more beautiful.
Nor does my wife.
Nor does any woman I know.
My daughter get it.