My inlaws introduced me to a new concept: Combination babysitting and home improvement services

Elysha and I went to Vermont this weekend, leaving the children behind with their grandparents.

We returned on Sunday afternoon to find our living room television wired with Apple TV and the ancient, tube television in the bedroom replaced with a large, flat screen TV from the in-law's home that they were no longer using.

In the past two months, Elysha and I have gone from televisions that were 13 and 20 years old to modern, flat screen televisions, and we paid less than $200 in total for both. 

The bar has been set high for future babysitters. Not only must they now care for our children, but we're going to expect significant improvements to our home while we are gone. Curtains in the living room, flooring in the bathroom and office, and a spare room built over the garage would all be acceptable.    

Also, we must leave our children with their grandparents for the weekend more often.