13 things that make me happy (5 years later)

Five years ago, I made a list of 13 things that make me happy, after being inspired by former acquisitions editor Jennifer Pooley and her own list (which is no longer on the internet). 

Narrowing it down to just 13 items was impossible, so it was by no means an exhaustive list. Just the first 13 things that came to mind.

Back then, I set a calendar reminder to check in on my list five years later, and today that calendar reminder popped up. I love when that happens. Kind of like time travel. A Matthew Dicks from five years ago reaching back from the past to speak to me today.   

I'm happy (and perhaps a little surprised) to report that five years later, my list remains perfectly relevant. The 13 items that I put on the list five years ago continue to make me just as happy today. 

  1. Bluffing and winning a poker hand
  2. Snow days
  3. Ice cream for dinner
  4. The perfect approach shot
  5. Dancing with my wife
  6. Reading to my children
  7. Almost any Springsteen song
  8. Seeing one of my novels on the shelf of a bookstore
  9. A New England Patriots victory
  10. Telling a story to a live audience
  11. Watching my children experience pride from an accomplishment
  12. Breakfast
  13. Making my wife laugh

I’d love to see your list if you’ be so kind as to include it in the comment section.

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