She would not be happy on a skateboard, but these kids are.

My favorite thing about my daughter's picture of skateboarders is the smiles on their faces. 

She wouldn't climb aboard a skateboard if her life depended upon it. 

Maybe this will change someday, but I suspect not. She is not a risk taker. She is not physically daring. She is cautious and precise as she moves through this world. Dainty, even. 

She has many great qualities, but climbing aboard a skateboard and soaring up and down concrete ramps is not one of them.

And yet she still can see the joy that others derive from skateboarding in one of these parks, and she does not judge them for it.

I also think it's kind of remarkable how my little artist daughter manages to capture posture and motion in her drawing, but admittedly that might just be a proud father talking.