Trump's two possible views of sexual assault

A Trump supporter argued with me today that Trump's claims of sexual assaulting women were "locker room talk," and more importantly, there is a big difference between saying something and actually doing it.

I pointed out that only one of two conclusions are possible when it comes to Trump's comments about sexual assault:

  1. We have a President-elect who has sexually assaulted women and admitted to his crime.
  2. We have a President-elect who thinks that an effective and amusing means of currying favor and impressing others is to falsely claim that he has sexually assaulted women.

In the first instance, he is a criminal.

In the second, he is a pathetic, creepy liar who believes that sexual assault is self-aggrandizing, endearing, and a reason for others to like you.

These are the only two conclusions that can be logically reached given what we heard.

Both are disgusting and frightening. 

Enough of this "locker room talk" nonsense. I refuse to live in a world where claims of sexual assault are amusing or endearing.