The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs: Pub day has finally arrived!

My latest novel, The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs, is in stores today!

If you pre-ordered a copy, it should be arriving in the mail today. Perhaps at this very minute. 

Thanks so much for putting up with my excitement over these last couple months. A book launch doesn't happen very often (it sort of represents a dream come true again for me), so it's both a thrilling and a nerve-wracking day.

Thrilling because:

Look! My book! I thought of the idea six years ago, spent two years of my life writing and revising the story, and a year waiting for it to be ready. And now, at last, it's here. Something I made up in my head is now a thing. Hooray!

But nerve wracking because::

Will anyone even buy it? Will they like it? Will stores carry enough copies? Will it be as good as my last book? Did I just get lucky with the last three books? Do I suck?

If you'd like to help alleviate some of my anxiety and support the book, you could do the following:

  1. If you see my book in a bookstore, take a photo of the display (and you!) and send it to me. Or share your photo on social media. I love to see pictures of my books from around the country (since sadly, I can't visit every store). 
  2. If you're in a store that isn't carrying the book or has sold out, ask that it be ordered. Demand that it be ordered! 
  3. Tell a friend (or two or three hundred) about the book. Encourage them to purchase it. Remind them that it makes a great gift. Remind them that you deserve a gift, and it should be this book.  
  4. Check my appearance schedule and join me for an author talk at a local library or bookstore if there is one in your area. I'd love to see you.

Thanks, everyone. Your support means the world to me. The family and I will be heading to a local bookstore or two tonight to see the book on the shelves and display tables, and then we will celebrate with ice cream for dinner.