Patriots playoff presumptions

As a Patriots season ticket holder, I am sent playoff tickets with the rest of my season tickets every year.

This always includes a ticket to the AFC championship game, which is unfortunately being played today in Kansas City, which makes this ticket null and void and make me very sad.

Had the Patriots made a tackle on the last play in Miami a month ago, I would be heading to Gillette Stadium today.

It kills me.

Still, I’ve had the good fortunate to attend the last two AFC championship games, 5 of the last 8 AFC championship games, and 7 of the last 15.

I’m not sure if every NFL team sends playoff tickets to their season ticket holders in the summer, and some might say it’s fairly presumptuous to do so, except that the Patriots have made the playoffs in 20 of the last 25 seasons and 18 of the last 19 seasons.

They’re made it to the AFC championship game for a record 8 straight seasons.

Presumptuous? Maybe. But certainly backed by history.