The most disturbing aspect of a Trump Presidency

The most disturbing aspect of the Trump Presidency has been this:

A President can commit a felony, behave unethically, attack the pillars of democracy, and violate the Constitution with absolute impunity if his party controls even one house of Congress and chooses to do nothing to stop him.

As the law stands today, Trump could rob a liquor store or sexually assault a White House staffer but still retain power if his party chose to overlook the crime.

Even worse, Trump could order a surrogate to commit a crime of any kind and then pardon that surrogate for the same crime.

There was a time when I thought that these were technically possible but ultimately ridiculous scenarios, but now it’s become a reality. Republican lawmakers with the exception of one, Justin Amash, have already and continue to support a man who:

  • Bragged about sexual assault on tape and has multiple sexual assault lawsuits pending

  • Promised repeatedly to release his tax returns if nominated by his party and has since refused

  • Operated a fake university that stole millions from innocent Americans and was forced to make restitution through a settlement

  • Continues to brazenly violate the emoluments clause on a daily basis, clearly and routinely profiting from his position as President

  • Paid hush money to porn stars with campaign funds

  • Committed obstruction of justice, at least in the opinion of more than 400 federal prosecutors who have read the redacted version of the Mueller report and sign onto a letter saying as much

The founding fathers fear a situation like this above all others, and rightfully so. When so much power resides in a single person who acts entirely in his own self interest and absent any shame or respect for the institutions of democracy, terrible things can happen, especially when that person remains unchecked by their coequal branch of Congress.

When lawmakers place their own self interested and self preservation over the rule of law, we enter a dangerous time. Let us hope that Justin Amash is just the first of many Republican lawmakers who will come to their senses and do something to stop this President from trampling upon the Constitution.

I’m not holding my breath.