The next time you see or hear a story about the British royalty, I suggest this response:

Look, it's a story about Kate Middleton, the possibly American woman married to one of the British princes (I say possibly because I'm not certain of Middleton's nationality and refuse to spend even a second confirming this suspicion). 

Yup, that's her. The princess and her latest baby. Does she have two kids or three now? I'm also not quite sure. But definitely more than one. 

But wait. I don't need to pay attention to any of this. I can change the channel or turn the page in this magazine or close this website because: 

It has nothing to do with my country. 

These people don't have any actual power or influence over anything. 

The whole point of this American Revolution was to break free of the influence of these  entitled people of unearned stature and wealth.

It's a monarchy. Yes, a neutered, ridiculous, fairly pathetic monarchy that a growing segment of the British people believe should be eliminated, but still, it's a monarchy. And monarchies are stupid. Right? We're a republic. We believe in the power of the people. Again, the whole American Revolution was fought to break free of these royal buffoons. What would our founding fathers think of us staring at these royals from afar, obsessing over their weddings and clothing and babies?  

There are people far more worthy of my attention. People who actually accomplished things without enormous budgets and prestige conferred upon them at birth. These princes and queens and dukes are only receiving this attention because of who their Mommys and Daddys are. Maybe I should read about  people who are not exclusively wealthy and white and privileged beyond imagination. Instead of reading about Kate's latest fitness regime, let me go find an article about Chris Gardner or Ursula Burns or Elon Musk or Janet Yellen.

These are people worthy of my attention. Perhaps I might even learn something from them or be inspired by their accomplishments.  

Those are the thoughts that I suggest run through your mind the next time you encounter a story about British royalty.