Please don't let the Trump administration change your perception of history

When a Trump supporter (or this week Press Secretary Sarah Sanders) claims that President Obama deserves no credit for the current state of the United States economy, please have these facts and figures at the ready:


2016 under Obama: 196,000 jobs added per month
2017 under Trump: 170,000 jobs added per month

Unemployment rate when Obama entered office: 9.3%
Unemployment rate when Obama left office: 4.5%

Also, under Obama, the United States enjoyed a record 75 consecutive months of job growth.

job growth.jpg


Dow when Obama entered office: 7,949
Dow when Obama left office: 19732
Rate of improvement: 166.3%

obama dow.png

Happily, there is also this bit of news:

A recent Quinnipiac poll asked,  "Who gets credit for the current state of the economy?"

Obama: 52%
Trump: 37%

At least a majority of Americans have a reasonable understanding of the past and present.