19 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 20

  1. Limited time and money are obstacles easily overcome with long days, hard work, and a clear vision.
  2. People will die unexpectedly. Stay connected. Don't assume there is a tomorrow.
  3. Every pound you add to your body will be ten times more difficult to remove.  
  4. Every problem has a lifespan shorter than your own.
  5. Have sex more often.
  6. Move fast and without fear. Seize opportunities and experiment often.
  7. Never allow yourself to be interrogated by police officers without an attorney present.
  8. There is no cost to asking a girl on a date except the risk of her saying no. So ask, damn it, even when she seems way out of your league. Ask often.
  9. Do not be ashamed about life circumstances beyond your control. 
  10.  Peppermint schnapps is not an acceptable substitute for mouth wash. 
  11. Take more photographs. 
  12. The way that you argue is more important than actually winning the argument.
  13. Being known for kindness is more important than being known for cleverness.
  14. Write everyday without exception.
  15. It’s better to look stupid than to not ask a question.
  16. Humility and gratitude can never be overdone.
  17. When the opportunity for a threesome arises, take it.
  18. Assuming anything is an act of aggressive stupidity. Always try the damn thing rather than making an assumption.
  19. Kind, thoughtful, generous words are the best thing you have to offer anyone.