My first comic books. Too bad I can't show my kids. Or my students. Or anyone squeamish.

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with Double Take comics on their new comic book series based upon the original Night of the Living Dead film.

Double Take asked a handful of Moth storytellers to consider writing stories for their zombie-filled universe, and I decided to give it a shot. The result was two comic books in their Slab series that feature some of my writing and one of my Moth stories, which I adapted for the comic.

Seeing my name along the bottom of the book as one of the authors was thrilling, but sadly, because of the nature of the comic, the content (and even the covers) of both books are too graphic to show my children or any of my students.

As a result, the people who would be the most impressed with my work can never see it until they have reached an age when they are probably no longer impressed. 

But here they are in their gory glory.

You can actually read Slab 2 online. Slab 3 will be made available online later this summer.