I won a Moth StorySLAM and made history.

It's not what you think. 

It's true that on Tuesday night, I won The Moth's StorySLAM in Boston.

It's also true that my friend, Plato, finished in second place - the second time that we have finished in first and second place respectively. 

And it's true that it was my 17th Moth StorySLAM victory.

But none of this is why I made history that night.

History was made when a beer arrived at my table, purchased for me by a female admirer who the server said might find the courage to introduce herself later in the evening. 

History, my friends. The first time a woman has ever bought me a drink. 

It only took 44 years for this to finally happen. And it only came after I told my story onstage, which means the beer probably had more to do with who I was than who I am today. And the woman never did introduce herself to me. And I don't actually drink beer anymore. And I'm happily married.

But still. History.

It would've been nice if it had happened in the many years when I was single and was spending untold hours in bars and clubs trying to get the attention of ladies, but better late than never.