My daughter, the eccentric artist

My daughter, Clara, loves to create art. She once said, "I let my mind go wild, and then I fill it with art."

Our living room has become her gallery, with pictures hung with scotch tape all over the walls. While I initially wondered if I wanted a living room covered in marker and crayon drawings, haphazardly hung over every surface, I've grown to love the look of the room. I find myself in many well appointed, meticulously decorated homes, and while they are lovely, my home is a mismatched, chaotic celebration of the imagination of my daughter, and more recently, our son, and I can't imagine anything better.  

There will be time for well appointed and meticulously decorated. For now, I'll take this child-centered place of color and shapes  

Clara's methods, however, can be eccentric. It's not uncommon for me to find her sitting on the table, drawing, coloring, and sketching, even though a perfectly good chair is available. 

Despite of the bizarre seating positions and postures, I can't help but love what my little girl produces.