Opposing Donald Trump while defending one or more of his positions is not doubly odd. It's called objectivity.

Maher’s defense of Lewandowski seemed doubly odd considering his anti-Trump stance during the earlier portions of the program. In his monologue, Maher proudly branded the GOP frontrunner “a bipolar five-year-old” for branding Ted Cruz a liar and cheat after losing Wisconsin to him. “He has two settings: you cheated, and you started it!
— Marlow Stern

There is nothing doubly odd about this at all.

While Bill Maher clearly despises Donald Trump - who once sued him for $5 million over a joke - he is not so biased and slanted that he can't defend a candidate's position in one regard while opposing his candidacy overall.

In fact, it's the farthest thing from odd. It's admirable of Maher to defend someone who he despises. Whether or not you agree with Maher in this matter, I want my political commentators to look at each candidate's decision impartially rather than painting a broad brush based solely upon political leanings or personal vendettas. 

I want independent thinkers who can tell me that a candidate is right on this issue but wrong on this one. I want commentators who are willing to criticize the candidates who they support and defend the candidates they oppose depending on the issue.

I don't always agree with Bill Maher, but I have always admired his willingness to criticize Democrats despite his support for them. 

It's the ideological purity that political parties require now that are grinding our government to a halt. Compromise is dead. Politics have become black and white. There is no room for any gray. 

Maher’s defense of Lewandowski seemed doubly odd considering his anti-Trump stance? 

I don't think so. I think it seemed objective. Unbiased. Open-minded. 

The things we expect from writers like Marlow Stern.