The thing my daughter does for which I am most proud

Back in July, my six year-old daughter, Clara, bought a Playmobil dollhouse. It cost $89.

Knowing that Mommy and Daddy would not buy it for her, and knowing how far away her birthday and Christmas were, Clara spent months saving her birthday and allowance money ($1 per week) until she had enough to make the purchase.

I was so proud of her. 

Now she's done it again.

After purchasing the dollhouse, she set her mind on a Playmobil Santa Village. A $40 toy. And after months of saving her allowance (now $1.25 per week) and money occasionally given to her by family members, she finally had enough to make the purchase.

The toy arrived yesterday. She was thrilled. 

Of all the amazing things that my daughter does, I think it's her ability to delay gratification, set a goal, save her money, and then realize that goal that impresses me most. 

That and the ridiculous about of love and patience that she has for her brother.

When I watch Clara pile money into her long term savings jar, avoiding the sticker books and other small items that she could be buying and desperately wants, I can't help but think how so many Americans are incapable of doing what she is doing.   

It makes me certain that she is going to do well in life. As much as she may want stuff, she understands that it must be earned. Patience is required. Hard work pays off. 

She's saving again. She's not sure for what. But she knows that it'll cost money.