New word: Truché

New word: truché
Pronounced troo·ché


I can’t recall if I or my friend, Shep, first coined this word, but we use it with each other often, so I’ll give us both credit.

The definition:

1. used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever factual correction made at one's expense by another person. A portmanteau combining the words true and touché 


Me: That might be the longest completion that Tom Brady has thrown all season.
Shep: Actually, he threw that 60 yard bomb in the fourth quarter last week. Remember how you hugged that big, hairy stranger after he scored?
Me: Truché  
Shep: This might be the most beer I’ve drunk at a football game all season.
Me: You only think that because you drank so much beer last week that you lost count.
Shep: Truché.

If you haven’t noticed, the word was invented and is frequently used in the stands at Gillette Stadium.